HOVProcure is your Managed Solutions Partner and we provide you with some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in the Healthcare industry. Our Staffing specialists network with the best professionals and our comprehensive database contains thousands of qualified candidates who will meet your exact specifications.

Healthcare Staffing Specialists.

  • The assurance that your skills will be utilized at the best facilities.
  • Our Staffing Relationship Managers will be there for you whenever you need them.
  • HOVProcure has a successful track record of over 8 years in the staffing industry.

Why is HOVProcure your Partner of choice?

The Healthcare industry is facing the constant challenge of attracting and retaining talented manpower.
An effective Recruitment strategy is the Key to Success.

Here is how HOVProcure can partner with you:

  • HOVProcure will arrange, coordinate and manage your supplemental staffing services on a priority client basis. Our Staffing experts attract the best talent by adhering to our proven staffing methodology.
  • HOVProcure works with you to understand the Culture, Goals, Values and Mission of your company and seeks candidates who will fit in your environment.
  • HOVProcure can help you reengineer the administrative processes within your company right from recruiting to retention. We can also help you in communicating the organization's expectations to each employee and establish performance standards.

HOVProcure is your partner of choice for your On-Demand staffing needs and we align our Business goals with your organization's strategies. We take care of the routine processes within your organization, while you concentrate on achieving the larger objectives of the business.

Staffing Options
  • Supplemental staffing: Experienced staff for last minute needs, such as coverage for sick days, holidays, evenings or weekend shifts.
  • Temporary-to-hire: Our Risk-free hiring plan lets you try a new employee prior to making a job offer.
  • Direct hire: Quality staff for an affordable recruitment fee.
  • Travel staff: Professional staff that is committed to your facility for a specific period of time (minimum 13 weeks) to ease your staffing shortages.
  • Payroll services: If you face a hiring freeze or a lengthy pre-employment procedure, you can put your new employee on HOVProcure's payroll until you choose to transfer the employee to your company.